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Join The International Hypnosis Research Institute, the world's leading association regarding the application of clinical and research hypnotherapy for medical, mental health, and personal coaching applications. Our membership includes contributors and practitioners in the following fields:


    Physicians, nurses, and other medical specialists


    Chiropractic Physicians


    Licensed Professional Counselors and psychotherapists

    Marriage and Family Therapists

    Drug and alcohol abuse counselors

    Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Practitioners

    Clinical and Research Hypnotherapists both at the occupational and professional levels

    Neurolinguistic Programming practitioners and trainers

    Personal (and life) Coaches






The International Hypnosis Research Institute is dedicated to improving the credibility of hypnotherapy.


Keep up to date on the latest scientific research.


We are passionate about improving knowledge. Combining the latest in neuroscience and time-tested hypnosis and NLP techniques, our courses challenge and instruct.


Members receive one free course per year of membership.


In addition to our courses, we offer two certification programs for those who wish to add hypnotherapy to their credentials. This includes both our Mind/Body Certification and our Advanced Neuro-Noetic Hypnosis certification, which when completed results in the awarding of the Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists (ACCH) designation.


* Referral directory listing (for licensed or certified members only)

* One free course per year of membership

* Opportunity to host one 30 minute show and run 50 commericials on Infignos Radio

* Membership certificates suitable for framing

* Reduced Rates on all courses and products offered through the Institute

* Free advertising in our "Members Only" Web site.

* Access to Member Resources including practice forms and script and/or demonstration downloads.

* Access to the Durbin Library, which includes over 40,000 pages of hypnosis reference materials.

* Efficient access to all archived research citations, articles, book reviews, and more.

* Corporate/Group Membership. This is a great value for group practices or vendors!

    and more ...



Membership Levels and Rates*



    Practitioner (licensed and/or certified members; includes certification fees) -- $89

    Student (currently enrolled and not currently practicing -- $35

    Retired (over 60 years old and not currently practicing) -- $55

    Corporate/Group Membership. (for up to 5 practitioners operating under the same business or practice name) -- $249



*Rates subject to change. Members who join prior to August 15, 2008, will be considered Charter Members. Charter Member rates will not be affected by future price increases.



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