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Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
(ACCH) Designation.

Two certification programs available.

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Program

The Institute currently does not offer an entry-level program for the training of certified hypnotherapists. However, we will recognize our members who have a current or recently expired certification or who have completed training with reputatble hypnotherapy organizations. In order for the Institute to recognize their accomplishments, upon providing the appropriate evidence Institute members may request that we directly issue a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CCHt) certification. The CCHt certification is only valid while the certificant maintains a membership in good standing with the Institute. CCHt certificants will be issued a separate certificate in addition to their Institute membership certificate.

Requests for an Institute CCHt certification must be in writing and mailed to our office. It must include a copy of the applicant's current or recently expired certification with one of the organizations listed below. Also, in lieu of such certification, evidence of completed appropriate training by one of those organizations will suffice. Expired certifications must be no more than 12 months old. There is no time limit on training documentation. Applicants must also present a statement that they have completed a minimum of 15 hours of continuing education within the last year and explain the nature of such training.

We will issue Institute member CCHt certificates at no additional charge provided that they fulfill the requirements listed below and they have a minimum of six months remaining.

CCHt Application Requirements:

  • A letter requesting the award of a CCHt certification.
  • A statement that they have completed 15 hours of hypnotherapy or integrative health care training within the past 12 months. This may be included in the text of the letter.
  • A copy of their current CHT, BCH, CCH, or equivalent certification (or a certificate that expired no more than 12 months prior to the application) or evidence that they previously received required training leading up to such a designation. This is not a requirement for Institute members who have held a CCHt certificate within the last 12 months.
  • Institute membership number

Our mailing address:

The International Hypnosis Research Institute
PO Box 367
Anniston, AL 36202, USA

CCHt Requirements:

  • Completion of a program of training approved by one of the organizations listed below.
  • 15 hours annually of continuing education related to hypnotherapy, coaching, and/or intergrative health care.
  • Commitment to conduct all practice and business affairs in an ethical manner.
  • Current Institute membership (practitioner, retired, or student).

Certification is at the sole discretion of the Institute and may be revoked should we detect that the certificant is involved in fraudulent or unethical behavior.

Recognized Organizations:

  • American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
  • American Board of Hypnotherapy
  • American Society of Clinical Hypnosis
  • International Hypnosis Federation
  • International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
  • National Guild of Hypnotists
  • National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists
  • other organizations will be considered based upon submitted evidence.

In order to receive a Mind/Body Integration Certification participants must complete all four of the following courses:

Mind/Body Integration Certification Program

Research findings in medicine, neurology, histology, epigentics, and other related fields clearly show that the mind/body relationship is key to mental and physical health. This certification is for traditional allopathic practitioners (i.e. medical doctors, dentists, nurses, etc.) and integrative health care practitioners (hypnotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, yoga teachers, biofeedback/neurofeedback technicians, etc.) who want to fully understand mind/body healing.

This certification program is designed to enlighten the most advanced medical scientist as well as the holistic practitioner. It includes 4 online courses with a total of 36 lessons. Based upon excellent documentation, the courses consist of an overview course involving integrative health care trends and three courses that provide practitioners with a comprehensive set of tools. The presented methods include permissive and naturalistic suggestions, direct suggestions, and the most advanced system of suggestion and imagination available today.


In order to receive a Mind/Body Integration Certification participants must complete all four of the following courses:

  • Integration: Innovations in Mind/Body Therapies--10 Lessons
  • This course provides an excellent overview of many of the recent developments involving mind/body integration.

  • Embracing Ambiguity: The Worlds of Ericksonian Hypnosis--10 Lessons
  • This course teaches the essence of permissive and naturalistic therapeutic processes of Milton H. Erickson, MD. There is a required text for this course.

  • Elman Hypnotherapy: Beyond the Basics--10 Lessons
  • This course presents the complete set of rapid methods used by David Elman. It is based upon the original course taught by Elman to thousands of medical and dental professionals.

  • The Neurology of Suggestion--6 Lessons
  • Although this course is based upon scientific discoveries and evidence-based research, it enlightens participants and gives them some of the most effective transformational tools available today. It is a course that highly trained medical professionals will appreciate. Yet it is sufficiently down-to-earth so that all holistic practitioners will benefit. This is the one course that should be required for all healers and performance coaches.

All courses are offered multiple times throughout the year. Each course includes 6 to 10 lessons, which are released each Tuesday and Friday during the course dates. Each lesson includes a video, a brief demonstration, and a short assignment. To complete a lesson the student will post the results of the exercise on the student forum for that lesson. Once all lessons are complete there is a short online quiz for each lesson. Although the students are encouraged to keep up with the progression of the lessons, these are self-paced courses. In order to receive credit for the course, all lessons must be completed and the quiz submitted within 10 days of the last lesson's release date.

Members of the Institute may enroll in these courses for free provided that they have not already used their "free course" benefit during a given year of membership. Otherwise members will receive a 25% discount when enrolling.

Although it is recommended that students take each course in the order shown above, courses may be taken in any sequence.

All courses include multiple techniques that can be immediately used by the participants when working with patients or clients. Many of the techniques can be self-administered by the participants.

Once the final certification course is completed, students then will be allowed to apply for graduation. After a brief audit of course completion information, a certificate will be mailed to the student. A small auditing and processing fee will be charged upon final certification.

How do I get started?

Simply enroll in one of the courses. As you complete each course, your student record will reflect your progress.

Advanced Neuro-Noetic HypnosisTM Certification

This is the most advanced hypnosis certification available today. The theory is based upon sound scientific evidence. However, the techniques are surprisingly simple and easy to master. This certification program includes 12 online courses with a total of 78 lessons.

The Neurology of Suggestion course is the initial course required for this certification and can be used for this certification as well as the Mind/Body Integration Certification Program. All of the Mind/Body Integration certification courses listed above are included in this certification. Those students who have earned the Mind/Body Integration certification can transfer all 36 course hours into this program.

Members of the Institute may enroll in individual courses for free provided that they have not already used their "free course" benefit during a given year of membership. Otherwise members will receive a 25% discount when enrolling.

Although we recommend that certification candidates take the courses in the sequence shown below, there will be considerable flexibility allowed as to the order completed.

Additionally, there will be a 10 double-spaced page writing assignment required prior to graduation from this program.

Once the final certification course is completed, students will then be allowed to apply for graduation. After a brief audit of course completion information, a certificate will be mailed to the student. A small auditing and processing fee will be charged upon final certification.

How do I get started?

Simply enroll in one of the courses. As you complete each course, your student record will reflect your progress.

Upon completion of the Advanced Neuro-Noetic HypnosisTM certification, students will be awarded the Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (ACCH) designation. There will be a six hour annual continuing education requirement to maintain the certification. This requires the certificant to take one additional course per year in order to assure that they are relevantly up-to-date with current concepts and developments.

The are twelve courses included in the ANNH certification. These courses are listed below.

ANNH Certification Courses

The Neurology of Suggestion

6 Lessons

Over the past several decades, research into neurology, physiology, artificial intelligence, and quantum theory have presented new realities into how the mind and body are integrated. By applying these findings one can gain an increased understanding how suggestion and imagination can be effectively used to harness the power of the brain and begin discovering how the mind affects the body. Implications for improving performance, resolving mental concerns, and improving physical healing rates are startling. Whether you are a medical professional, a success coach, hypnotherapist, psychologist, or trainer, this course will provide you specific techniques that you can use today to improve your skills. This course also serves as an introduction to the new field of Advanced Neuro-Noetic HypnosisTM.

Integration: Innovations in Mind/Body Therapies

10 Lessons

Allopathic medical doctors, dentists, nurses and technicians are increasingly aware that the mind and body must be treated as a whole. More and more we are noticing how psychology and medicine should be integrated. Relying upon recent discoveries and innovative techniques, this course provides an increased understanding and a multitude of techniques which all clinicians can immediately use to enhance their healing abilities.

Elman Hypnotherapy: Beyond the Basics

10 Lessons

Often regarded as the forgotten hypnotic master of the twentieth century, David Elman offered some of the most efficient and elegant techniques available. Although well-schooled in classical hypnosis, this son of a stage hypnotist taught thousands of medical and dental professionals how to rapidly attain the necessary level of trance for pain relief and surgery. A rival of the famed Dr. Milton Erickson, Elman�s popularity waned after the AMA approved hypnosis. However, after his re-discovery in the 1980�s numerous clinicians have successfully employed his simple and effective methods.

Embracing Ambiguity: The Worlds of Ericksonian Hypnosis

10 Lessons

Regarded my most clinicians as the "Father of American Hypnotherapy", the unique skills of Dr. Milton Erickson were probably the most profound hypnosis innovations during the last century. He expertly weaved hypnosis and therapy into a very respectful and powerful (but easily mastered) set of skills. This course brings you comprehensive instruction into the core concepts of this system. Whether you are healer or a business person, when you learn these tools your communication skills will reach new heights.

Healing the Body: Somatic Transformation through Suggestion and Imagination

6 Lessons

Although often considered anecdotal in medical schools and investigational by health insurance companies, there is a rapidly growing body of evidence supporting the use of suggestion and imagination for somatic healing. Going far beyond unexplained remissions and the survival of seemingly terminal illnesses, this course explores mainstream research and presents numerous protocols designed to adjunctively enhance physical healing.

Enhancing Performance: Unleashing your True Human Potential

6 Lessons

Our minds and bodies contain tremendous potentials just waiting to be released. The physical prowess of top athletes and the prodigious abilities of savants give us just a small preview of what awaits us when we unleash the other 95% of our capabilities. This course will present both theory and provide specific exercises designed to help us turn our unused mental capacity into genius-level performance.

Healing the Mind: Advanced Hypnotic Interventions for Anxieties, Phobias, Impulses, and Habits

6 Lessons

The human mind too often becomes programmed with disorders and dysfunctional patterns. To some people this means frequent suffering and unhappiness is avoidable provided that they have the correct skills and assistance. This course is intended to provide clinicians with the skills to short circuit many mental problems, to diminish the impact of mental anguish, and to substitute new patterns for broken ones.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Fundamentals

6 Lessons

This is the ultimate how-to course for anyone planning to practice hypnotherapy as a main profession or as an additional skill for their practice. This course starts the participant with the basics of effective pre-talk and intake procedures and then moves into protocol design regarding three major areas, the five basic intervention tools, and more.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Basics

6 Lessons

The elegant NLP methods for information processing and modeling have revolutionized the areas of mental health, business management, and performance coaching. This course is designed to give clinicians sufficient background to use several NLP concepts and ideas in their practices.

Space/Time-based Interventions

6 Lessons

One of the major ways that humans sort memories is by place and time. The impact of past events on our personalities, our health, our performance, and our association with others is tremendous. The ability to access these memories and to understand and fix them has been the focus of therapeutic tools such as progression and regression, hypnoanalysis, and even the controversial topic of past lives. This course explores the power of memories and provides clinicians with various time-based techniques that they can immediately use in their practice.

The Application Transformation Theory

6 Lessons

Organisms, social structures, and businesses are organized into patterns. These patterns resist change even though they are intended to adapt when necessary. Clinicians deal with bad patterns, resistance, and transformation everyday. This course will help you understand the fundamentals of how patterns work, how transformation occurs, and how you can be a catalyst for effective change in your patients and yourself.

New Directions in Hypnotherapy

6 Lessons

Hypnotherapy is a professional and academic discipline, which is integrated with physiology, psychology, physics, spirituality, and philosophy. In order to maintain relevance, the hypnotic skills of the clinician must continually adapt to the ever-changing world. This course will start with the rediscovery of ancient wisdom and move into some of the most leading edge fields of mind/body integration.

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