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Mastering Learning as a Process Skill

by Tim Brunson, PhD

Whether part of our formal education, professional development, or the improvement of skills related to a hobby, in order to more efficiently acquire information we seldom focus on the need to improve our learning skill. Yes, we focus on content and pretty much ignore the need to improve our learning processes. However, our ability to master the tasks related to an endeavor depends almost entirely on our improving our ability to acquire knowledge.

Learning is a process skill that was established first at the infant and young child period of our lives. Our methods were habituated at a time when our immature brains were rapidly developing. Some of the ways that we encoded procedural and declarative memories are as valid in our adult life as they were in those early years. Nevertheless, as a mature human with several decades of knowledge acquisition under our hats, we now have numerous additional learning advantages that are ignored should we continue to use methods that were appropriate prior to our brain fully developing.


Do You Talk With Or at Your Employees?

by Sam Slay

Surveys say organizations that regularly communicate with staff report employee engagement, lower turnover, and higher financial performance.

If you want employees to think of your business like their own you must communicate more often and more effectively. What is so secret that you can't share with your employees. I will grant you that their are some things you'd rather not report, but why try and keep everything a mystery. Employees will be more engaged if you engage them. Employees will remain in your employment if they know you care about them.


3 Essential Steps for Masterful Training

by Tim Brunson, PhD

For years I have studied experts in a wide range of endeavors, included sports, science, and the arts, as well as professional trainers. There are three attributes that each of them share. They have developed an exceptional ability to install new information, to increase the depth of their knowledge, and have the ability to trigger superior performance with ease. These three steps apply both to the trainer's skills as well as to how to accelerate the student's progress.


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