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Welcome to The International Hypnosis Research Institute Web site. Our intention is to support and promote the further worldwide integration of comprehensive evidence-based research and clinical hypnotherapy with mainstream mental health, medicine, and coaching. We do so by disseminating, supporting, and conducting research, providing professional level education, advocating increased level of practitioner competency, and supporting the viability and success of clinical practitioners. Although currently over 80% of our membership is comprised of mental health practitioners, we fully recognize the role, support, involvement, and needs of those in the medical and coaching fields. This site is not intended as a source of medical or psychological advice. Tim Brunson, PhD

The International Hypnosis Research Institute is now a counseling continuing education provider


The International Hypnosis Research Institute is now an Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP) for over 50,000 counselors in the United States and internationally. Early last week, the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) informed us that their Continuing Education Committee completed a review of our application and made the decision to allow us to become an official NBCC CE provider. Their committee is made up of several National Certified Counselors who are also state licensed mental health practitioners. Our authorization to serve as an ACEP does not signify NBCC's endorsement of any particular theory or idea promoted by this Institute or any of the authors or instructors with whom we may associate. Rather, receiving this status means that we are qualified to administer a continuing education program within their strict guidelines.


Self Empowerment System

My name is Diana Moore and I am a certified hypnotist, reiki master and certified life coach. I have completed my Self Empowerment System which consists of a 30-day workbook and 2 CD's. This is unusual in that the first week is devoted to self-hypnosis utilizing declarations and mirror work. The 2nd week one works on learning how to shield one's energy. Bringing up issues and going back into one's past to get at the original insult and then to release and focus on the future is emphasized. The third week's focus is on utilizing a 30-second grounding elemental meditation. The fourth week puts all of these together. Each week the focus is on empowering the person to create their lives and provides coaching techniques and journaling. Was on Home Shopping Network. Retails for $125.00 and they can call me for a 30-min. assistance. Lighteacher@aol.com

Diana Moore (631) 472-6531

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