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Double-blind study on materials testing with applied kinesiology.

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a scientifically unproven method used in complementary medicine to recognize the (in)tolerance of dental materials. Test-retest reliability of AK was examined. The working hypothesis was the assumption that the reliability of AK would not exceed random chance. Two dentists qualified in AK examined 112 volunteers to determine individual (in)tolerance toward two dental composite materials. After the first examination, 31 subjects were excluded from further testing. At the end of the open test phase, 34 of 81 participants had been classified as "tolerant", and seven as "intolerant" to both materials. The remaining 40 individuals showed a combination of either tolerant (to material I)/intolerant (to material II), or the reverse (n = 20 each). Retrieval rate was tested under blind conditions. In 14 cases, the results of the open and blinded tests matched, whereas in 26 cases they did not (95% confidence interval, 21%-52%; p = 0.98). This outcome confirmed our working hypothesis.

J Dent Res. 2005 Nov;84(11):1066-9.

Staehle HJ, Koch MJ, Pioch T.

Department of Conservative Dentistry, University of Heidelberg, Im Neuenheimer Feld 400, D-61920 Heidelberg, Germany. hans-joerg.staehle@med.uni-heidelberg.de


Kinesiology is a holistic and complete methodology. Having great applications in sub-clinical situations and to get rid of stress, kinesiology has proven to be of great help in pathological cases, given its possibility to activate innate health mechanisms and through its capacity to reduce stress. kinesiology is very effective, since it is applied by means of the interested person's own muscles and at the same moment when information professionals work with is received. Besides being excellent therapy, its corrective techniques, by themselves, can improve the energetic and psychic state of a patient, thereby optimizing the resources people have in any situation.

Rev Enferm. 2005 Dec;28(12):19-22.

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SimeĆ³n F, Monge JC.

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