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Women Sufferers of the Incurable Fibromyalgia Syndrome Targeted in a New Program


Full Headline: Women Sufferers of the Incurable Fibromyalgia Syndrome Targeted in a New Program Developed by The International Hypnosis Research Institute Founder

Anniston, Alabama. (October 21, 2010) - The International Hypnosis Research Institute announced its approval of a nine-week hypnotherapy program specifically designed to achieve symptom reduction for the over 5 million women in the United States who suffer from the incurable Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS). The program was authored and produced by Tim Brunson, PhD, the Institute's Executive Director and founder. He is a leading authority on complementary health care issues.

"Despite hypnotherapy's documented effectiveness for alleviating acute and chronic pain, when addressing FMS it is vital that numerous behavioral, social, and medical factors also be considered," said Dr. Brunson. "I have found that a wide-range of issues, such as self-empowerment, trust, confidence, and a belief in the mind/body relationship, must be included in a series of effective hypnotic suggestions given continually over multiple weeks."

Over the past twenty years several studies, such as the 2008 Spanish scientific research published in Contemporary Hypnosis, showed that a multi-week program, which included clinical hypnotherapy as well as medications and psychotherapy, produced significant pain reduction and improvements regarding most other symptoms. Follow ups have confirmed the long-term positive impact when hypnotherapy is included in the treatment protocol.

Fibromyalgia is a multi-symptom condition of unclear and disputed origin. It is associated with significant pain, fatigue, sleep disorders, cognitive dysfunction, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It frequently results in a level of disability, which prevents the sufferer from maintaining regular employment or enjoying many of life's normal activities. The chief criteria for diagnosis include widespread pain and the presence of excessive tenderness in response to pressure on 11 of 18 specific muscle-tendon sites. Medications are typically given to mask the symptoms without acknowledging the underlying causes.

The Institute-approved program consists of a series of 20 minute CD's, which are to be listened to daily in a specific order for one week each. Patients are encouraged to continue regularly listening to the recordings after the initial nine weeks are complete.

Tim Brunson, PhD, is the Executive Director of The International Hypnosis Research Institute, which he founded in 2007 for the purpose of promoting the scientific credibility of hypnotherapy as well as other complementary health care modalities. He is also the author of numerous self-help and clinical courses and the developer of Advanced Neuro-Noetic HypnosisTM, which is a style of hypnosis that blends classical hypnosis techniques with neurology and quantum physics. The Institute-approved Fibromyalgia Program can be found on his product site: http://Fibromyalgia.TimBrunson.com.

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