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Isabell Parlett

Isabel has been using her gift for language to help professionals be more successful for the last nine years. In her private practice, she's helped hundreds of business owners and career professionals to find the right words to understand their situation and enhance their inspiration and performance. Creator of the Inspired Professional™ and Work on Words™ courses, she has a gift for creating simple, structured programs that invite people to grapple with the most profound questions around their lives and work. She currently trains and licenses other consultants and coaches so they can bring these ground-breaking programs to their clientele.

Isabel's passion for language has been a theme throughout her life. After getting her degree in psychology, Isabel found an even more dynamic way to study human nature by pursuing a career in the theater. A classically trained actress, she immersed herself in the verse of Shakespeare, learning from the best how words can inspire and intensify an emotional experience and deepen understanding. Never dull, this career gave Isabel the opportunity to be strangled on screen in the film Through Dead Eyes and to spoof Shakespeare and Greek tragedy in a mud pit.

As a curriculum developer at The Princeton Review, she explored how to use words as simply and economically as possible to spark learning. The diverse projects she worked on ranged from SAT prep, to English as a Second Language, to grammar and writing skills development. Her accomplishments include creating an innovative writing program to give junior high kids license to express real feelings, and helping create a card game called Grammar Gin. She also authored the Cracking the System book on preparing for the French Achievement.

Thomas Leonard, founder of Coach U and Coachville, handpicked her to extend the work he'd done on word distinctions and package it into a daily e-zine format. She was also commissioned to write the content for the Daily Wordz e-zine, which not only taught people new words, it also explored how those words could foster personal growth and development. These publications brought Isabel's work to thousands of people around the world. One of the first forty people to be awarded the Master Coach Certification by the International Coach Federation, Isabel was nominated by author Laura Berman-Fortgang to head the committee that created the official definition of coaching for the organization.

For more information visit: http://www.ParlanceTraining.com

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