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Wayne Perry

Founder and director of the Sound Therapy Center of Los Angeles, Mr. Perry has been in private practice as a sound therapist and vibrational healer since 1992. He has garnered international acclaim by conducting healing sessions, classes, and workshops in England, Italy, Egypt, and Japan, as well as in most major cities across the United States.

Mr. Perry's unique sound healing work has recently been featured on television's nationally broadcast CNN, CBS News, The Roseanne Show, Strange Universe, America's Talking, Alive and Wellness, TBS and Health Watch-CLTV Chicago, as well as numerous radio programs around the country. Mr. Perry has also been producing and hosting "Heart Touch", his own popular, leading edge radio and television show in Los Angeles, now going into its 10th year of broadcast.

In 1993 he published the Correlative Healing Chart for Sound Therapy, which is popularly used by healers and sound practitioners worldwide. Mr. Perry is renowned, as a speaker/lecturer, teacher, consultant, overtone singer and recording artist. He has recorded four full-length, all vocal, vibrational healing music CD's.

Mr. Perry has also just released a comprehensive six hour sound healing instructional program, "The Secrets to Healing with Sound and Toning", which has recently been released for national distribution. . Currently he is working on his long awaited book on sound healing, Voicing Your Soul.

For more information, visit www.wayneperry.com.

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