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Welcome to The International Hypnosis Research Institute Web site. Our intention is to support and promote the further worldwide integration of comprehensive evidence-based research and clinical hypnotherapy with mainstream mental health, medicine, and coaching. We do so by disseminating, supporting, and conducting research, providing professional level education, advocating increased level of practitioner competency, and supporting the viability and success of clinical practitioners. Although currently over 80% of our membership is comprised of mental health practitioners, we fully recognize the role, support, involvement, and needs of those in the medical and coaching fields. This site is not intended as a source of medical or psychological advice. Tim Brunson, PhD

Lois Prinz, CH, CI

Lois Prinz, CH, CI, Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Instructor of Hypnotism through the National Guild of Hypnotists is considered by thousands of successful clients a catalyst for self-empowerment and personal change. Serving and assisting others through transition and self-empowerment for over two decades, Lois is an Advanced Master NLP (NeuroLinguisticProgramming) Practitioner and brings to her clientele intuitive hypnotic counseling skills mixed with a genuine personal touch. She skillfully utilizes ESM (Emotional Self-Management), and dynamically pairs Clinical Hypnotherapy with NLP and ESM.

Additionally, Lois Prinz is the lead trainer for the state licensed, nationally-approved, National Hypnotherapy Training Center and yearly oversees 650 hours of training and continuing education provided by some of the nation's best hypnotherapy trainers.

Lois is also a certified member of International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association. She is a Registered Behavioral Therapist with American Association of Behavioral Therapists as well as Dr. Knight's International Registry of Hypnotists. Lois also holds a specialty certification in Complementary Medical Hypnotherapy and in 2002 founded National Hypnotherapy Training Center adjunct to the Center For Hypnosis in Albuquerque NM. She is the creator and vocal talent of over 25 CDs modeling the best of hypnotic protocol and languaging and advertises as a provider with the prestigious Psychology Today.

For more information, visit www.HypnotherapyTrainingCenter.com

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