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Janalea Hoffman

Janalea Hoffman has been a pioneer in the field of music therapy. She started her own company, RHYTHMIC MEDICINE, in 1978 as a private practice. Out of this practice, specializing in guided imagery, music and relaxation, she developed many unique techniques that she now teaches to other music therapists and health care professionals, as well as the general public. Working with many clients has inspired her to create musical techniques - "Musical Acupuncture" to help with pain and "Musical Biofeedback" to lower heart rate and blood pressure through special therapeutic music.

In her presentations she provides relevant research about healing music based on her work, as well as that of other researchers, and then takes the audience through different inward musical experiences, such as Musical Acupuncture and Musical Biofeedback.

For more information, visit www.rhythmicmedicine.com

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