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4 Simple Signs That You May Have Too Much Stress In Your Life

Are you worried that you've got too much stress in your life? How can you know what's healthy stress and what's too much?

Today I want to share 4 simple signs to look out for in your life, and perhaps more important, share a video that will not only show you what you can do to lessen and eliminate the stress, but will also take you through a process to eliminate it right now.

Make sure to watch this video, just released by NY Times best-selling author Nick Ortner, as it will teach you one of the simplest and most effective techniques I've ever found for eliminating stress in minutes. OK, here are the 4 simple signs that you have too much stress:

#1 - Your mental abilities have changed. You have more difficulty concentrating, or you have trouble making decisions, or you have a more negative outlook on life and generally worry more and have more anxious thoughts.

#2 - Your emotions have changed. You're more moody, more irritable and short tempered, more agitated, angry and unable to relax. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with life or you feel alone and isolated.

#3 - You have some of these physical symptoms: aches and pains in your body, bowel problems, nausea, dizziness or vertigo, chest pains or a rapid heartbeat, loss of sex drive, or frequent colds and flu.

#4 - Your behaviors have changed. Perhaps you're eating more or less. Or sleeping too much or too little. Or isolating yourself from others. Or procrastinating or neglecting life's responsibilities. Or using alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs to relax or in excess.

If you feel like you're showing any of these simple signs of being more stressed (or if you simply know because you feel it!), then make sure to watch this truly powerful video that will teach you a simple technique that you can use at any time to release your stress in minutes:


Beyond just learning the technique and going through the powerful process, look out for the information that he shares about why our brains are naturally wired for negative thinking and how you can overcome this ancient part of your brain.

The information he shares there is pretty enlightening, and just hearing it alone will likely help you eliminate some of the pressure you may be putting on yourself about not being positive enough, or about not being as healthy, successful or happy as you want to be.

One thing I can promise you is that after you watch this video and go through the simple process with Nick...you will feel better. It's as simple as that.

Enjoy the video: TheTappingSolution.com.

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