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Perceptually-oriented hypnosis: removing a socially learned pathology and developing adequacy...

Full title: Perceptually-oriented hypnosis: removing a socially learned pathology and developing adequacy: the case of invisible girl.

This is the first case review to explicate perceptual hypnotic principles such as differentiation, characteristics of an adequate personality, and the need for adequacy, as utilized in clinical hypnosis in a complex case that altered the distorted perceptions and personal meanings of an eleven-year-old girl who believed that she had Bipolar Disorder and her body and mind were damaged. This qualitative case study examines aspects of hypnosis during therapy from a perceptual point of view to illustrate frustrations in difficult cases and identify some of the causes and origins of alleged clinical pathology in adverse environments. Some moments of effective self-healing through supporting internally controlled changes in perception during hypnotic experiencing are highlighted rather than externally focusing on observed thoughts and behavior. Factors relevant to social psychological research, such as family dynamics, poverty, and interactions with social service agencies and institutions, creating learned pathology, are pointed out for future research.

Psychol Rep. 2014 Oct;115(2):545-64. doi: 10.2466/02.PR0.115c24z9. Epub 2014 Oct 13.

Woodard FJ. Author information: 1 Woodard Hypnosis and Research, Inc., Milford, New Hampshire.

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