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Ted Robinson

Ted started out as a sculptor after attending Hofstra University and Brooklyn Law School. He won numerous awards and prizes throughout the metropolitan area and was part of the most prestigious art shows in New York City. He had numerous shows in New York City and on Long Island before moving into the field of law to become a trial attorney for the past 31 years.

This all leads to his present involvement in the Ministry and the healing arts of Hypnotism, Emotional Freedom Technique and Reiki. He became a certified Hypnotist in 1999 and is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotist, Inc. While completing his initial certification course in hypnotism, something oddly fortuitous happened. Ted experienced the worst pain he had ever known in his left eye and nothing he did made any difference until the instructor's assistant came up to him and asked if he would like some help with his eye. After saying yes, she proceeded to "tap" on points around his face, body and hand and within two minutes the pain completely subsided. Ted immediately realized that this was a profound healing technique and immediately set off on educating himself so that he could share it with others. He initially took the generalized courses and then took specialized courses from Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, and others in the field who held additional views on how to address problems through the energy system. He continues to gather new information from a multitude of sources in the energy field and elsewhere to assist others in their quest for self healing. He is also a Reiki Master practitioner and a 1st Level Integrated Energy practitioner.

Ted Robinson has a number of interests in life. They vary from being an Interfaith Minister to hypnotism, Emotional Freedom Technique to Reiki, Sculpture, gardening, sailing, to being a lawyer. Probably the most compelling aspect of his life right now is practicing EFT and hypnotism within his ministry and his law practice. These areas of interest allow him to assist others in their own healing and spiritual development within the context of their lives as they exist right now.

For more information visit: www.CenterforInnerHealing.com

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