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Improve Your Writing with NLP

A book review by Tim Brunson PhD

Ranging from everyday people to highly educated professionals, one very popular goal of many is to have their ideas recognized in the form of a published book or article. Indeed, thanks to the opportunities afforded by the Internet, more and more people are expressing themselves in the form of blogs and even those ever-so-brief Facebook and Twitter updates. However, when their desire is to publish in a more substantial format such as an e-book, a printed self-published book, or even one that is done with the assistance of an established publisher, this often takes considerably more planning and discipline. These larger projects are often believe to present insurmountable obstacles But when the art of writing is mastered, efforts can quickly turn into a prolific hobby or source of income.

Since the 1970's, the collection of techniques and interventions that are related to Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) have been successfully used in brief therapy and in many goal-achieving endeavors. In her book Improve Your Writing with NLP accomplished therapist, coach, and writer Judith E. Pearson, PhD, offers readers a step-by-step approach to how NLP can be helpful in getting just about any writing task accomplished. Being a professional writer, who has published many titles related to human transformation, Dr. Pearson combines her august expertise as she provides a concise guide for both new and experienced writers.

In this book she focuses predominantly on three concepts. First is the POWER Process model, which was originally presented in the late 1990's by Dixie Elise Hickman and Sid Jacobsen. This model, which stands for Previewing, Organizing, Writing, Evaluating, and Revising, is a highly effective method that takes much of the overwhelming stress out of a writing project by chunking it down to manageable pieces. Secondly, she applies the Disney Strategy Model used creatively for decades to makes many of the iconic work associated with Walt Disney and his corporation. By again dividing the process into categories of Dreamer, Realist, and Critic, she productively shows how each can be used in a way that allows the writer to reap the maximum benefits separately and then integrated into the completion of the final result.

The third important concept was covered in her last chapter. The writer's lifestyle that Dr. Pearson so effectively describes is not limited to one writing endeavor. She brilliantly discusses how once someone uses the two previously mentioned strategies they can easily become a prolific writer, who continuously and effectively expresses oneself again and again.

Although I read her book mostly with the intention of improving my successes in producing written materials, I quickly saw that her advice could easily be applied to a wide range of creative projects to include visual art, music composition, and even filmmaking to include animation. The POWER Process Model and Disney Strategy clearly apply to various types of projects.

For those who are involved with any form of healing or helping profession, Dr. Pearson's book should be considered as part of their library. Whether writing to complete academic milestones, writing for professional recognition, or merely writing for value of expressing one's passion, I am confident that the concepts contained in this book will be extremely valuable.

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