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The 10 Best-Ever Anxiety Management Techniques

A book review by Tim Brunson PhD

Whether you or not are a clinician or coach who is qualified as a mental health practitioner, you most certainly frequently come into contact with people who have a wide variety of anxiety-related disorders. This is so common that I am confident to say that just about everyone who I deal with has more than a little concern about their anxiousness. This topic is brilliantly addressed in The 10 Best-Ever Anxiety Management Techniques by Margaret Wehrenberg, Psy.D. In this rather handy, well organized workbook Dr. Wehrenberg clearly explains and discusses the topic then provides an extremely simple but cogent explanation of ten highly effective techniques.

This book seems to have three audiences. A mental health professional can gain excellent insight and advice on ways that the various forms of anxiety can be elegantly handled by their clients. For other healing and helping professionals – to include human resource managers, teachers, and athletic coaches – this workbook presents an excellent understanding as to why many people react the way that they do. In turn, they can be more understanding and patient. For those who possess a milder level of anxiety, the author's techniques provide a wealth of information, which gives hope that life can be lived on one's terms. Of course, for anyone who has a more severe issue with anxiety, I highly recommend that they seek a properly qualified mental health professional.

One of the best features of this book is the companion CD, on which Dr. Wehrenberg demonstrates each of her ten techniques. Her clear explanations and soothing, compassionate voice can benefit just about anyone. I plan to integrate regular listening of these short three to 17 minute tracks into my daily mental tuning routine.

Regardless, I have one – and only one – minor misgiving about her claim in that these techniques are the "best-ever." As my readers know, I have a very strong prejudice when it comes to the value of competently applied hypnotherapy as a stress relieving mechanism. I was surprised that there was not a single reference to hypnosis even in the bibliography. Ironically, I could consider the tracks on her CD to be very hypnotic. Nevertheless, I am sure that this omission was most likely done on purpose as there may be a preference to addressing hypnotherapy in a more advanced volume.

I highly recommend Dr. Wehrenberg's book to anyone who is concerned about their stress and anxiety as well as those who assist with the healing process of others.

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