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Tension Tamer: Delivering Meditation With Objective Heart Rate Acquisition...

Full title: Tension Tamer: Delivering Meditation With Objective Heart Rate Acquisition for Adherence Monitoring Using a Smart Phone Platform.

Abstract Objectives: This brief report demonstrates the proof of concept of the Tension Tamer (TT) smartphone application, which integrates photoplethysmograph capabilities with breathing awareness meditation (BAM), to reduce stress and measure heart rate and adherence. Design: Methods for objectively measuring heart rate and adherence to BAM were developed as part of a future randomized controlled trial. Setting/Location: The study was conducted at Jerry Zucker Middle School of Science and the Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston. Subjects: The subjects were three prehypertensive male teachers. Intervention: The method used was smartphone delivered BAM. Outcome measures: Objective measures included heart rate, adherence, and ambulatory blood pressure (BP). Results: Adherence data was successfully collected by the TT application. Increased adherence to TT coincided with increased improvements in ambulatory BP over a 3-month period. Conclusions: TT shows promise as a simple inexpensive program for administering BAM and capturing adherence data in future clinical trials.

J Altern Complement Med. 2012 Sep 11. Gregoski MJ, Vertegel A, Shaporev A, Treiber FA. 1 Center of Economic Excellence Technology Applications Center for Healthful Lifestyles (TACHL), Medical University of South Carolina , Charleston, South Carolina.

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