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Let the Moment Color the Way!

by Joyce-Anne Locking

This is the time of your life whether or not you find ways to enjoy each minute of the day or take the time to express the direction of your dearest dreams. Today is the day you begin again to solve whatever problems are holding you back from doing the things you were meant to do. Plan your life in a way that expects you to succeed. Things happen to work out for the better when you focus on goals that encourage progress by offering you rewards at the end. When you keep your mind set to the intention of achieving your goal, you will find it much easier to enjoy the moment.

People play important roles in helping us become the person we want to be. Some people, those we love, change the color of our lives completely. Close friends and acquaintances feed us their thoughts on what we ought to be doing, but people who know us well seem to know what we are capable of achieving.

The gifts we have are meant to be shared. How do we share our deepest passions? We need to find avenues into the world, lines of communication with our communities. Windows of opportunity need to be opened, sometimes either by sheer determination or stubborn perseverance.

All in all, life is made up of a series of events. The greatest time of your life, already an important and timely event, may just be passing through right now!

Take time to step back and enjoy the moment. Bask in the beauty of goals met! Reward yourself by admitting the fact that you can make your life better, both for yourself and others, simply by setting new goals and new expectations.

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