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A New Mirror for Waking Up

by Coach Cary Bayer

Many giants of the 20th Century have had more adventures with the mirror than Lewis Carroll's Alice. Foster Hibbard, an inspired teacher I've worked with, said that Napoleon Hill, his teacher of 13 years, claimed many of the great inventors, business magnates, and political leaders whom he met through his 20-year mentor relationship with billionaire Andrew Carnegie, derived great results in front of the glass. Hill studied with Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone, Winston Churchill, Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, among others.

The process they employed is simple enough: look into the mirror when you're by yourself and say the word: "Enthusiasm!" (The reason to do it alone is obvious: you're about to speak energetically to your reflection. Most people feel self-conscious looking in the mirror, doubly so if excited with others present. Your dog might bark and your cat might wet the rug, because they're not used to seeing you that alive.) Also, don't mind the responses in your head as you awaken enthusiasm.

Why enthusiasm? Because it's contagious. Suppose you needed to hire an alternative healer to work for your business, and had three similarly experienced candidates: the first was depressed; the second was "hanging in there;" and the third was enthusiastic. Who would you hire? The question is rhetorical: People love to be around enthusiastic people because they lift everyone in their presence, and clients love to be around enthusiastic LMTs. Consider etymology: Our word enthusiasm comes from the Greek "entheos," defined essentially as the divine lively within you.

This technique works immediately and amazingly. A caveat for you before beginning the technique: It's natural to feel foolish, at first, when you start employing this method in your daily regimen. In time, that self-consciousness will give way to a more confident, excited consciousness, a magnetic personality. It's that kind of enthusiasm in your being, that higher vibration, that will attract more clients to you. It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps the image of yourself all turned on might also be worth a thousand dollars--maybe even a hundred thousand dollars.

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