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Mastering Excellence in Your Life

by Tim Brunson, PhD

Many people dream of living a life in which everything just seems to click. Their golf game is always under par, they attract the friends and relationships they desire, and even their finances always seem to be just as they had imagined. Others admire them. And, they feel pretty darn good about themselves. Don't you wish that I just described you?

Mastering excellence in your life is a matter of choice and attitude. First you must believe that you can do it. Others have. Why not you? All you have to do is understand the steps and practice skills sufficiently so that you become an undisputed master. Of course, you want to install the right steps in your brain. This comes from learning and observing expert performance. Actually, your brain already has the hardware that makes this happen. The reason that I know that this is true is that you've more than likely already learned your name and how to speak at least one language. In fact, you've been talking and communicating all of your life. This means that there should be absolutely no doubt that you have the capability to master anything.

The second critical step to mastery is making the networks of brain cells, which are associated with the skill, as powerful as possible. Think of this as doing exercises and developing muscle strength in your brain. Of course, the more you challenge those "brain muscles" with practice, the faster they develop. Vivid imagination also helps greatly as your brain learns faster when it is emotionally stimulated. And, as it does not know the difference between real practice and imagined practice, you can always get several moments of additional experience whenever you find it convenient to close your eyes for a few minutes. As your imagination does not use the same clock as you do in reality, you can actually make your imagined practice as long or short as you wish. Just think. You can benefit from playing 18 holes of golf within just a few minutes.

The last step is developing the skill to recall your newly mastered skills whenever you need them. Sometimes I teach my clients to establish a trigger word, tune, or other thoughts and use it before they need to turn on their mastery. To install such a trigger all you need to get into a mental state of peak performance and say the word or do the action.

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