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Being a Bodybuilder is a Way of Thinking

by Tim Brunson, PhD

No great achievement in life is ever realized without first creating a firm vision of the desired results in your mind. Whether you are considering building the next great pyramid, creating the next billion-dollar Internet business, or growing and shaping your muscles for your next bodybuilding competition, without focusing on your results, it most likely will never be achieved. Why is this true?

Realize that everything around and in us is made of patterns of matter and its energy. When one link or component changes, it inspires the others connected to it to adapt. I normally call this an entrainment process or a re-harmonization. As a bodybuilder this should make a lot of sense. For instance, when you challenge your pecs or quads with specific weights or repetitions, your muscles react by creating corresponding muscle mass. However, did you know that your brain also plays a very big part in this?

Your brain contains a detailed map of every cell and organ in your body. Yes, this includes your muscles as well. With very few exceptions, when your brain is healthy, a change to any area of your body will change your brain. This is why you feel suffering when you are ill or injured.

Did you know that it works in the opposite direction as well? When you change your mind, it will affect your body. When you are embarrassed, you may blush. When you are frightened, your heart begins to race. And, I have even found studies that indicate that if you imagine the healing of a wound, it will heal about 70% faster. So, changing your body image and imagining the specific desired results from your workouts should make a lot of sense to you. I am never going to imply that you will win a competition using the powers of your mind alone. However, as a human being's superior ability to simulate and anticipate is probably the most powerful feature, wouldn't you like deliberately use them as your ally.

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