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Treatment of symptomatic abnormal skin scars with electrical stimulation.

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effect of non-invasive biofeedback electrical stimulation on symptomatic abnormal skin scars. METHOD: Thirty patients with over 140 scars with long-term pain and itch were recruited into the study. Patients monitored the intensity of symptoms (pain and itching) on a numerical rating scale. In addition, a modified Manchester scar scale was used to objectively assess digital photographs of each scar in terms of colour, contour, distortion and texture, while a non-invasive spectrophotometric intracutaneous analysis was used to monitor the scars' physical characteristics. RESULTS: The electrical stimulation device resulted in a clinically and statistically significant (p < 0.05) reduction of symptoms and scar scores. Pain and itch scores were both reduced to a median score of 0 by 2 months, from a baseline of 7 and 6 respectively. Scar scores were reduced from a baseline of 14 to a median score of 11 by 2 months. CONCLUSION: These results give a preliminary indication of the potential role of non-invasive biofeedback electrical stimulation in the management of chronic scar pain and itch. However, further large scale controlled studies are warranted to elucidate its overall efficacy and mechanistic action. CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Funding was provided from Fenzian Ltd for this study.

J Wound Care. 2010 Oct;19(10):447-53. Perry D, Colthurst J, Giddings P, McGrouther DA, Morris J, Bayat A. School of Translational Medicine, University of Manchester, UK.

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