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Become a Facebook Fan of your Healing Business

by Coach Cary Bayer

A day barely goes by that I don't receive an invitation, often by one massage therapist or alternative healer or another from Maine to California, to become a fan of this professional group or that. To which I say to these healers: I'm glad that you're a fan of John Doe or the XYZ Healing Business. Now let me ask you a question: Are you also a fan of your healing arts business? If not, I suggest that you first become a fan of your business before giving up your time to follow the pursuits of Mr. Doe. You'd be far better off using that time to market and network your own business. It's far more profitable for you to take some time to empower yourself and your business than to give over your power to someone else.

Don't get me wrong...Facebook is fun. And it can be profitable, too, when used as a marketing tool. I'm thrilled to see that some alternative healers and therapists are using it in this manner. But I'm not at all thrilled when I discover that some healers are just using it as another way to fritter away their time when they could be spending it writing letters to health care providers, creating a brochure, developing a website, and designing either image ads or price-driven retail offers, among other things.

Time, as they say, is money. Time, it's also said, is of the essence. We all have the same amount of time every day. The successful people in any profession use their time constructively. The ones who are less than successful don't discipline themselves with their time. Using your work time to follow others is counterproductive. If you're a healer or alternative therapist who believes in the Facebook fan concept, fine; now invite others to be a fan of you and your business.

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