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How to Conquer Insomnia by "Focusing on Breathing"

by Suryanarayana Chennapragada

Engaging your mind on the process of breathing calms the mind and relaxes the body. At night it induces sleep. It substitutes sleeping pills. How can you do it? Lie down and close your eyes. Follow these easy steps.

1. While breathing in: Focus on the faint coolness inside your nose.

2. While breathing out: Count slowly in the mind, the number 'o-n-e'. Repeat the same number throughout the out-breath. Don't try to change the breathing pattern.

3. Next breath in: Enjoy the coolness inside the nose again.

Next breath out: Count the next number 't-w-o'. Repeat this pattern of feeling the coolness while breathing in and counting the next number while breathing out. It's natural for your mind to wander at some number, forgetting to count. Every time this happens, repeat these three steps. You will be amazed how your body relaxes and induces sleep.

If you don't spontaneously fall asleep, try this 'scientific' method: Pretend you are not the person struggling to sleep but a scientist studying the 'side effects' of counting breaths. Continue counting the breaths. If you reach the hundred count, start from 'o-n-e' again. Your mind is thus indefinitely engaged in this calming experiment. The muscles all over your body will gradually become limp. You, the scientist, will certainly doze off!

Beyond quality sleep: Count some breaths or simply focus on the sensations inside the nose, while breathing in and out: on waking up, when idle, stressed, walking, doing some work, listening, waiting, traveling, exercising, playing games, angry, sad, guilty, frustrated, panicky and tired. In a few months, focusing on breathing becomes spontaneous and relieves problems like Anger, Anxiety, Lack of concentration, Difficult relationships, Grief, Hypertension, Job stress, Migraine, Obesity, Panic attacks, Smoking, Stuttering and Worry. It works for ages from 5 and up.

Recommended by a Doctor: "I introduced this technique to some of my patients with anxiety, panic attacks, hypertension and insomnia. Everyone who adopted it reported that it helps them relax. Some said it helped them sleep better and no longer rely on medications." Dr. Padma Sripada MD www.doctorpadma.com

For more information visit www.countingbreaths.com

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