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Energy medicine for the internist

Growing bodies of clinical experience and research suggest there are major benefits for patients, physicians, and CAM practitioners with the integration of energy medicine with conventional medical care. Conventional medical practice is excellent for infections, surgically correctable problems, hormonal dysfunctions, and some genetic defects. There are many illnesses for which conventional medicine can offer treatment, with medications and surgical interventions. Side effects of medications may be troublesome, and risks may include fatalities. Energy medicine interventions may complement conventional care and have minimal risks. Patients report high satisfaction with energy medicine interventions perhaps because CAM therapists often offer patients significant amounts of time to talk about their problems. Most energy medicine practitioners are not familiar with conventional medical diagnoses or research methodology. Conventional medical wisdom can inform and enhance energy medicine practice by encouraging further research. It is hoped that the future will bring more collaboration, greater acceptance of integrative care, and greater appreciation of energy medicine.

Med Clin North Am. 2002 Jan;86(1):105-25. Benor DJ. db@WholisticHealingResearch.com

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