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Marleen Mulder

Marleen Mulder, known as the Maestro of Hypnotherapy, is a State Approved Hypnotherapy Instructor and Vice President of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. She brought with her a vast background when she became Co-Director of the Hypnotherapy Training Institute in 1980. She was educated in the Netherlands at the University of Groningen Medical School and at a newly developed teachers college, Ubbo Emmius, Groningen, where she played an important role in the school administration. In the 1970's, she taught various forms of meditation and holistic healing in Europe and Japan. She has taught hypnotherapy at various training centers and symposiums on this continent and in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.

A remarkably gifted hypnotherapist, Marleen Mulder is a veteran of over 30,000 hours of sessions. She has made a highly creative art of therapy for crisis situations, major transitions, and spiritual growth. She is well known for her sensitive hypnotherapy work with children, as well as her comprehensive, revolutionary therapy for addictions. Inspiring and charismatic, she has been a featured teacher at many International Hypnotherapy Conferences and is one of the world's premier hypnotherapy instructors.

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Meg's Gravatar I took a training with Marleen in about 1994. Just wanted to comment on how deeply valuable the lessons were… I use what I learned from Marleen every day of my life. Probably the very most important thing was learning the difference between what IS and not-is is… and how our minds hear the main concept just the same despite the word “not” stuck in front of of it. Learn to identify that which IS wanted. Another really useful thing I learned was: identify beforehand something you can ALWAYS do or go to… so that if I get stuck or confused… just go to the identified beacon of confident ground.

Thank you Marleen…. I just wanted you to know.
# Posted By Meg | 7/24/21 12:43 PM
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