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Indroducing Path to Mastery

Tim Brunson, PhD, and Annie Brunson have created a new twenty module transformation program designed to install mastery-building techniques within the participant. The course is self-paced with one module released each Tuesday for the duration of the program. It includes exercises and demonstrations designed to progressively improve skills. While the intention is to teach how to quickly master anything, as the program progresses the student will steadily develop more and more abilities, which can then be applied to various aspects of their lives.

Tim and Annie believe that every morning before you place your feet on the floor, you can trigger a fantastic state of excitement and passion. To them, the richness of life includes everything that you choose to be and commit to do. From how you swing your golf club, your appreciation of music, how many languages you learn, the number of books you read, and your relationships, they define abundance as having a passionate and fulfilling life. All you have to do is choose what you want to be and commit to doing the appropriate actions. It is absolutely that simple.

Each week participants will log into their account, view the new video, review and complete the Action Guide skill-building exercise for that module, and, if desired, share their experience with other participants. Tim and Annie will monitor these posts, answer questions, and make comments as appropriate. Students will have access to previously released modules for a minimum of one year after they start the program. Valuable techniques and ideas will be shared starting with the very first module. You will appreciate how quickly your life will change during this program.

Tim and Annie are keenly interested in human transformation. They blend the the scientific and the artistic; the practical and creative. They firmly believe that all it takes to achieve lasting change and be outrageously happy is knowing a few simple steps and a couple of very big secrets.

Check out www.path-to-mastery.com to learn more and sign up for this revolutionary personal change program.

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