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Perceptions of group music therapy among elderly nursing home residents in Taiwan

OBJECTIVE: To explore the perceptions of group music therapy among elderly nursing home residents in Taiwan. METHODS: Focus group methodology was used to explore the perceptions of elderly participants about their experience of group music therapy. Verbatim transcripts of audiotaped interviews were analysed by content analysis. RESULTS: In total, 3 focus groups were held with 17 wheelchair-bound elderly residents. Analysis of participants' perceptions of group music therapy revealed two major themes: (1) strength derived from the group dynamic and (2) enhanced quality of life. The first theme included three subthemes: (1) sense of energy, (2) distraction from suffering, and (3) confirmation as a person. The second major theme included four subthemes: (1) variety added to life, (2) motivation to exercise, (3) learning positive behaviour, and (4) greater life satisfaction. CONCLUSION: Elderly, wheelchair-bound residents of a nursing home in Taiwan positively viewed their experiences with our group music therapy programme, particularly its active component. The findings of this study suggest that healthcare providers should consider integrating group music therapy into their programmes for elderly nursing home residents and design the therapy to add variety to their life, give them a sense of autonomy by having them choose their preferred musical activities, and improve their cognitive function.

Complement Ther Med. 2009 Aug;17(4):190-5. Epub 2009 Apr 29. Chen SL, Lin HC, Jane SW. Department of Nursing, Hung Kuang University, Taiwan. slchen@sunrise.hk.edu.tw

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