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Can Hypnosis Help Enhance Fertility?

by Pauline Rzepecki, BSN, MSN, CHT

The answer to that question is ABSOLUTELY! Clients who are using hypnosis are achieving their goal of conception, carrying a pregnancy to term and giving birth to their beautiful bundle of joy. Countless women are enhancing their fertility while enjoying the beneficial side effects of relaxation and stress reduction. We all know that stress, tension and anxiety are harmful to our heart, joints, and stomach so it makes sense that it is also harmful to our fertility. Stress can cause the fallopian tubes and uterus to spasm, creating a harsh fertilization environment. Stress can throw off the delicate hormonal balance needed for conception and pregnancy to take place. Stress can even decrease sperm count dramatically. When the client learns how to effectively reduce and release the stress in their lives, they automatically enhance their fertility.

Hypnosis helps women change their negative self talk. Many women going through fertility treatments not only have increased stress, but tell themselves daily that "This won't work" or "I'll never get pregnant". Hypnosis helps to change that negative talk pattern into a positive talk pattern, giving the woman a new hopeful direction. "If you can think it-you can achieve it". How many times have we heard this statement? You may think that it is just a clever ad but in reality it is the truth. Our bodies are controlled by our minds. What we think does happen-positive thoughts create good outcomes, negative thoughts create poor outcomes. Because of this, we need to be in control of our thoughts at all times-canceling out the negative thoughts and reaffirming ourselves with positive thoughts.

Hypnosis can be used to achieve pregnancy naturally or with medial assistance. Personalized four to six sessions of hypnosis are recommended. Each session is designed to fit the specific needs of the client. Self hypnosis techniques and daily hypnosis practice is encouraged. The more calm and relaxed you can become, the greater your chances of achieving your goal of healthy pregnancy. Self hypnosis techniques also help the client learn how to block unnecessary stress, creating inner peace.

Hypnosis also helps the client learn how to effectively cope with medical treatment that may be invasive or painful. By learning how to reduce pain and accept the medical treatments, your body, mind and spirit begin to work with the treatments instead of fighting them.

Approximately 85 percent of my clients have achieved pregnancy and are enjoying their dreams of being parents! Diane dreamed of becoming a mother one day. At the age of 40, she thought that dream might just be a dream. She learned the art of hypnosis and is now the mother of a beautiful baby girl. Susan too dreamed of becoming a mother. After being told by more than one fertility doctor to give up, she chose instead to find a physician who matched her desire to achieve a healthy pregnancy. She also chose hypnosis. Once she became pregnant, she continued with hypnosis during the first and second trimester of her pregnancy to ensure that she and her babies would remain healthy. She and her husband are now taking care of their beautiful twin girls. Charlotte also chose to use hypnosis, and was able to achieve pregnancy naturally after years of trying. She stated that she always felt that there was a blockage to her fertility. She and her husband are now using hypnosis to ensure a safe, comfortable and peaceful birth for their baby.

If your goal is a healthy pregnancy, then hypnosis can help. By using hypnosis, you can strengthen your Mind-Body connection, making your body more conducive towards conception and healthy pregnancy. You and your baby are worth it!

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