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Treating MADness

by Jevon Dängeli

MAD is an acronym Money Anxiety Disorder. Something many of us are experiencing in varying degrees these days.

MADness is not a new epidemic in the world, although it has proliferated with the current economic climate which has many people hiding and protecting their resources.

I suggest that the core problem underpinning the economical crisis in the world is human MADness. However, there really is no problem at all, as MADness is merely a figment on the imagination, and can therefore be dealt with quite easily, as I will highlight in this article.

The prevailing poverty consciousness of mainstream thinking might be rocking your boat, but the good news is that you can ride this wave and look forward to clear horizons not only when the tide changes, but now!

MADness is the result of uncertainty, of not knowing what the future holds and creating worst case scenarios in our mind. We then form limiting beliefs and validate them by staying focused on all the doom and gloom around us. This results in self fulfilling prophecies which keep attracting the external evidence to match our internal perceptions. We end up spiraling rapidly downwards, as individuals and as a society, and eventually we hit rock bottom. Then we finally give up the struggle, face reality and begin to rebuild our empire.

Does it have to be that way? No not at all! MADness is totally unnecessary. We can choose to give up the struggle right now, face our reality and empower our empire to withhold the onslaught of those pestering termites.

The empire is you, your potential, capabilities and inner resources. The termites are your fear based thoughts.

More good news: There's nothing to fear! Uncertainty can't harm you. It's our fear of uncertainty that leads us to think and behave in ways that cause suffering.

It's only when we can be with our life exactly as it is that we have the choice to change its direction. The hopeless attempts to escape our reality are what prevent us from seeing the opportunities and creative solutions that arise out of uncertainty.

Consider the significant achievements, breakthroughs, discoveries or epiphanies in your life...

What state were you in just prior to these experiences?

Surely it was some form of uncertainty, confusion or overwhelm. The reason for this is that the states associated with uncertainty are the gateway to new levels of insight and awareness.

So learn to welcome uncertainty and become comfortable being right on the edge of your comfort zone. You'll discover groundbreaking new ideas and options to the extent that you can be on that threshold looking out into the unknown, and allowing things to be as they are.

Be curious about the gifts awaiting you on the other side of uncertainty. Accept the uncertainty - accept the gift.

"Man can learn nothing except by going from the known to the unknown". - Claude Bernard

I'm told that more fortunes are made during depressions than any other time.

I suppose that's because when everyone else is giving up there's a special breed of people who decide to embrace their reality and take control of their destiny regardless of common mindsets. These people surround themselves with success minded people who have a consciousness of abundance. They seek out and discuss opportunities that everyone else is overlooking and they remain proactive. Most importantly, they trust their inner guidance and live from the edge of their ever expanding comfort zones.

You may ask: "So how can becoming comfortable with the unknown and embracing my reality make a difference to my financial security"?

The answer is: Because you'll be changing how you relate to money and how you respond the challenge that life has presented you with. Instead of getting stuck, you'll be breaking the pattern of outdated thinking and opening yourself up to the endless possibilities that this moment brings.

The next thing to realize is that this is a phase, and like all other phases it will change, and in the end you'll be ok.

So you may as well look to the end and envisage yourself as the person who made it through, if fact, why not imagine your future self as totally successful. Then, as your successful future self, you can look back on your current situation and notice how you got through and how you harnessed the opportunities that lead to your success.

Actually do the above as visualization and notice how it transforms your current perceptions. Then while you're enjoying the afterglow of your internal shift, consider what your next most important step is that leads toward the future success that awaits you... Take that step and you'll be on your way to achieving that. To escape MADness, recognize that uncertainty is something you will never outrun. So give up the struggle, say yes to your current experience, tune into your inner wisdom and your brain will be switched into success mode.

Finally, take some time each day to count your blessings. Feel sincere gratitude for what you've got, as this is a powerful way of attracting more of the good stuff.

Jevon Dängeli is a NLP / HNLP Trainer & Wellness Coach. For more information visit www.neuro-linguistics.net

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