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Hands off versus Touch healing and Distant healing with Reiki

by Barbara Goulding, RM

I would like to start off by talking about touch healing with Reiki energies. There are various positions used by the healer or practitioner to use in a healing session. Many practitioners would choose to use the touch method as it's more personal and gives the energy a direct contact with the client. The typical session starts out at the top of the client's head and works it's way down the body as directed by the energy needed by the client and sometimes by the practitioner. The typical session lasts 45 minutes for a full body healing session. How long the sessions are would be determined by the practitioner and considering the needs of the client involved. There are sessions that can be done from a chair with the client in an upright position and the healer works at the shoulder level during that session. Other sessions are done on a Reiki or massage table where the client is laying down on their back and the healer works from the top of the head and down the length of the client to the feet. In either case it is up to the client to decide what is most comfortable for them.

I prefer to use the hands-off method of healing as it's good for those who have a fear of another person being in their body space. The energy works with the body's auric system or etheric body and flows to where it is needed most anyway. The healer then works their hands two inches above the client and is guided either by the energies or intuition as to where to move the hands to next. The method does not matter in either case because the healing energies go to where they are needed by the client and that is what is done in all sessions.

There is some controversy over the distant healing method as to whether or not the client even receives the healing that is intended. I personally have experience with this as I do lots of healing's in this manner and everyone says they felt and received their healing energy just as I intended. In any case which method to use for healing a client is up to the practitioner and client to decide. The client may not be comfortable with hands on and so the hands off method would make this client feel more at peace during the session. Distant healing sessions are great for when a client and healer cannot be in the same location. The client still benefits from the healing and the healer can still provide help and healing to their client at the same time.

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