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Attend the EFT Summit (at no charge!)

Attend the EFT Summit (at no charge!) and learn Emotional Freedom Techniques from 16 of the top EFT instructors in the country!

Starting on April 20, you will be able to sit in on a virtual seminar room to learn more about a technique that has shown to be a quick and simple method of releasing the negative blocks in your life.

This is a fantastic opportunity because the whole 10 day summit is absolutely F*R*E*E* to the public. You'll have the opportunity to sit in on up to 2 seminars a day (18 total)and learn and be mentored by some of the most respected names in the EFT community. Practitioners such as Carol Look, Dr. Patricia Carrington, Brad Yates, Bob Doyle, Carol Tuttle...in fact, there will be over 16 instructors in all...just take a look here at what you will get, at no charge to you:

EFT Summit

EFT stands for "Emotional Freedom Techniques" and is a simple and amazingly fast "tapping" technique. You just lightly but firmly tap on certain acupuncture/acupressure points on the face, head and upper body and astonishing events begin to take place. The process quickly and easily activates the body's own "energy meridian system" and has great potential for releasing virtually anything that's "wrong" with you.

EFT has been shown to provide relief from chronic pain, emotional problems, disorders, addictions, phobias, post traumatic stress disorder, and physical issues. While EFT and the use of "energy systems" in general is somewhat new to the Western world, it is set to revolutionize the field of health and wellness, using healing concepts that have been in practice in Eastern medicine for over 5,000 years. "Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be mentored by top experts in EFT so you can quickly take control of emotional and physical pain, trauma, procrastination, self-sabotage, debt . . . and more . . . and create the life you really want by releasing your blocks to success . . .." Hurry – Register for the Summit TODAY

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