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Discover Your Learning Genius: Enhance Your Concentration, Memory, and Test-Taking Skills

A Review by Tim Brunson DCH

Discover Your Learning Genius: Enhance Your Concentration, Memory, and Test-Taking Skills, is the new dual induction CD by Judith E. Pearson, Ph.D. and Oscar Rodriguez, CHt. As I have previously reviewed Dr. Pearson's book The Weight, Hypnotherapy and You, Weight Reduction Program, I expected a first class production. I was not disappointed. Everything from the packaging to the production is definitely top notch.

The CD consists of a minute and a half introduction by Dr. Pearson and Mr. Rodriguez followed by a well-written and executed 26-minute hypnosis session. They use a dual (or double induction) technique which I have rarely experienced in audio form since it was first developed as a technique in the late 1980's. They effectively intertwine their voices by alternating between speaking simultaneous scripts and occasionally coordinating their voices as they speak the same words. Of course, it is critical that the listener correctly respect their design by using the left earpiece with the left ear and the right with the right ear as they use algorithmic direct suggestions in the right ear and more metaphorical stories in the left. (This is consistent with Dr. Roger Sperry's 1973 discovery that the left brain is more logical and the right brain is more spatial and appreciates stories and images. The belief is that what is heard in one ear affects the opposite hemisphere.) I particularly enjoyed how they broke the monotony by regularly changing which channel is used by each speaker.

Since the dual induction methodology tends to create trance through what Ericksonian fans may call confusion, I naturally had to concentrate to follow either of the scripts. Nevertheless, I found that them to be consistent with the right-brain/left-brain concept, carefully composed, and clinically sound. One of the challenges of this technique is the necessity for the two speakers to carefully synchronize and pace their voices. While most dual induction products are usually one speaker who carefully creates a two-voice environment using the wonders of the recording studio, it would appear that they pulled the intricacy off – no doubt with much practice.

What I like about this product is that it is just about the right length for the recommended daily use. It contains a thoughtful blend of permissive and direct suggestions with just about the right dose of NLP. Although there will always be those that feel that the speaking pace and the confusion of the two-voice, two channel approach rather stressful, others will enjoy and appreciate the novelty and the apparent therapeutic potential. If you have never experienced this type of hypnotic approach or would like to try it as either a self-development tool or for clients of your clinical practice, this is something that you should consider.

You may also purchase this CD through http://www.engagethepower.com/store/store.html

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