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Homeopathic treatment in resistant livedoid vasculopathy: case report

This paper describes the successful outcome of homeopathic treatment in a case of resistant livedoid vasculopathy (LV). LV is a rare disease characterized by chronic recurrent and painful ulceration of the lower limbs, frequently associated to atrophie blanche (AB), probably due to procoagulant conditions. Most literature reports single or very few cases; response to treatment is difficult, even resistant. This patient suffered LV for 7 years before seeking homeopathic treatment; ulcers recurred frequently, at intervals less than 3 months, in spite of continual use of pentoxyfilline. Configuration of signs and symptoms strongly pointed out to the prescription of homeopathic remedy Sepia succus that promptly elicited significant improvement of LV and the patient's overall state (non suppressive treatment). Considerations are made on the value of single case reports and the reliability of prescriptions grounded on consistent signs and coherence among the manifold features of individual disease.

Homeopathy. 2009 Jul;98(3):165-8. Waisse-Priven S, Jurj G, Lima Thomaz LC, Tierno SA, Filho WL, Sos AB. Associação Paulista de Homeopatia, São Paulo, Brazil. silvia.priven@gmail.com

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