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Diagnosis and hypnotic treatment of an unusual case of hysterical amnesia

This article reports on the use of hypnosis to facilitate the diagnostic process and the treatment of an unusual case of adult psychogenic amnesia. An Iraqi citizen living in the U.S. developed an atypical case of Dissociative Amnesia, Systematized type, post-automotive collision. The amnesia presented with features encompassing complete loss of the patient's native language. Dissociation theory as a conceptualization of hysterical reactions was employed as the basis in the formulation of this case. The differential diagnosis was facilitated by the Hypnotic Diagnostic Interview for Hysterical Disorders (HDIHD) Adult Form, an interview tool specifically designed for cases such as this. Treatment consisted exclusively of ego strengthening and time projection approaches in hypnosis. It was hypothesized that, as the coping capacities became more viable, the dissociative symptoms would remiss. After 6 weekly visits the patient regained complete command of his native language. Follow-up at 6 months indicated that the patient remained devoid of symptoms.

Am J Clin Hypn. 2009 Oct;52(2):123-31. Iglesias A, Iglesias A. phdalex@aol.com

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