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Problem Solutions

by Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH

People may struggle with a problem for years, perhaps all their lives, without getting to the solution. In hypnotherapy, I find this all the time. If you have a problem, it requires a particular solution. However, if the solution you are working on is for different problem, you will not get anywhere because you have not addressed a solution for the right problem. A case in point....

Dr. Richards, a 57-year-old physician came to see me through a mutual friend. He suffered from a persistent low-grade pain in the lower part of the abdomen for as long as he could remember and had a nagging fear that he didn't know where it came from. Being an allopathic medical doctor, he had ruled out all of the known reasons for this pain, having gone through many tests without finding anything physically wrong. I told him that I don't work on any specific physical or mental problem because I'm not a physician or a licensed mental health professional, but he wanted me to try anyway.

I explained to him my process for clearing energy, eliminating negative forcing functions in the subconscious and reprogramming the subconscious to change behavior and response to life. In particular, I discussed the effects of entity attachment on a person and the necessity for getting rid of them before effective therapy can be accomplished.

He had a hard time accepting the entity part, but because he didn't have any other solution to his problem, he wanted me to try. Actually, it doesn't make any difference if the client believes in entities are not, the process works anyway. It's the same for past life regression therapy. People don't have to believe in reincarnation to have past life regression work. It's like you don't have to believe in electricity to make toast in the morning. You just plug in the toaster and it toasts. However, for past life regression to work, you must be sure that there aren't any entities on the person, otherwise you are regressing the entity. Not all the psychotherapy in the world on the entity is going to help the sufferer. This is a common mistake made in regression therapy.

Dr. Richards had the earthbound spirit of a seven-year-old girl on him who had been raped and killed. She had been on him since his conception, since she said that she had been with him during seven previous lives and always came back on him when he was reborn. On questioning, she said that she had pain in her lower abdomen all the time from the internal tearing of her genitals during the rape. Even though she was dead, she could feel the energy of the pain, because it is locked up in her energy body. I got her to leave and go to the light, taking with her all that she had brought. Earthbound spirits always bring to their hosts the energy of their death and the negative energy that was in their life. In this case, she brought with her the pain in her lower abdomen and the fear possessing her during the rape.

When the doctor emerged from hypnosis, the pain was gone, much to his amazement. He had never remembered being free of that pain without drugs. He also remarked that he felt free of that persistent, yet indefinable fear that he always had. Now that he was clear, I reprogrammed his subconscious so the negative forcing function would not be recreated. That was fourteen years ago, and the pain or fear has never returned. Draw your own conclusions.

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