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A Guide to Trance Land

A Book Review by Tim Brunson, PhD

Handbook of Ericksonian and Solution-Oriented Hypnosis continues that accomplishment by presenting an enjoyable and practical guide to permissive hypnosis. I highly recommend this to the serious clinician. However, this is a book that would benefit just about anyone interested in personal change. I will definitely encourage my students to add this new book to their library.

After using O'Hanlon's earlier book for years as a required text for my courses, I have come to appreciate his ability to communicate rather complex concepts in a straightforward manner. In A Guide to Trance Land he again covers the major tenets of Ericksonian hypnosis. However, this time he returns with a more concise book that allows the reader to absorb the brilliance of these techniques in a more rapid manner. On top of that he effectively synthesizes his own variation, called Solution-Oriented Hypnosis, by providing practical hypnotherapy snippets that give the clinician examples that can be used immediately.

Regardless whether the clinician is a skilled hypnotherapist or someone who is encountering trancework for the first time, this book is logically organized into bite-sized segments that can be easily used. My recommendation is for the reader to absorb this book by going through it the first time from start to finish. Then specific sections can be reviewed and mastered at a slower rate. This will provide an opportunity to quickly increase therapeutic proficiency.

This volume is probably the most concise opportunity for a practicing clinician to understand the breadth of permissive hypnosis. Although I am a firm believer that a hypnotherapist needs to appreciate and master a wider range of trance-related skills beyond the Ericksonian genre, I do feel that a practitioner's training absolutely must include a proficiency in the wealth of permissive skills. It appears to me that A Guide to Trance Land may be the shortest route to its attainment.

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