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Henry Leo Bolduc's Accident --- Call for Assistance, Prayers, and Compassion

We just received this from Dan Cleary (via Anne Spencer, Ph.D.). Henry Leo Bolduc, a well respected hypnotherapist recently had a accident while cutting wood on his farm in Virginia. Please join us with the rest of the hypnotherapy and mind/body community showing support for Henry and his wife Joan. Below is the text of the e-mail received from Dan and Anne.


Henry and his wife Joanie, live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, near a crossroads called Wytheville. They live out in the backside of nowhere and that is where Henry was on March 5th, when there was a terrible accident. Henry was home alone and out on the property cutting fire wood with a chain saw. There was a slip, a misstep and the saw came down on Henry's left arm, just above the wrist, nearly severing his hand from his arm. The chain cut through skin, muscles, bone and tissue.

There are people we meet in the mystery of life who have a certain impact or influence upon everything we do from that moment forward. They seem to possess some quality which appeals and harmonizes, often in very subtle ways. One such person that I have the great pleasure of calling a friend is Henry Leo Bolduc. Those of you who know Henry will understand what I mean without further comment, so I guess describing Henry here is for others who would like to know more.

Perhaps, I should start with the fact that Henry has been involved in Past-Life research for over forty years and has been sharing his insights and experiences since the beginning. If you are interested in Past-Life research, you may have already had a class or read a book by Henry. If you have taken other trainings, it is likely that your instructor has been influenced by Henry's work.

Henry has a quality of being that always enlightens everything and everyone around him. All memories of him include a smile and a generosity of character that is almost scary: are there really people like that? His trainings are always amazing and strangely affordable. Henry is generous to a fault: his books are on his website, available for download. FREE in Public domain as a gift to the world. Here is the link: http://henrybolduc.com/ It's free. Books & Articles. Free.

Here is part of an early note from Joanie:

"Henry was cutting a branch with a chain saw while standing on the 4-wheeler, on the side of the hill above the barn when it happened. He slipped and knocked himself out for a while. He has a couple of gashes on the back of his head where they had to put several stitches. Somehow he came to and put his belt on the arm to slow down the bleeding. He was able to make it to the barn just as Jack (Joanie's son) arrived and Henry called out for Jack to call 911. The only thing holding the hand on, was one nerve (the one that controls the thumb and the two fingers next to the thumb). It was pretty much "hanging by a thread!"

Jack arrived at 5 and we think the accident happened between 3 and 3:30. By the time I got home from work at 5:30, the yard was full of vehicles and they had Henry in the ambulance waiting for the helicopter. He was airlifted to Baptist hospital where they gave him blood and did a CAT scan of his head and then he was in surgery from 8:30 pm until 4 am...

...We saw the doc in Winston the other day and he said it looks real good. The arm has a couple of metal bars on the outside holding the hand to the arm. Kinda looks like an erector set- or Frankenstein!

Henry is doing physical therapy exercises at home, and the doctor said, if he is good about doing the therapy, and everything goes well, he should have around 80% usage of his hand. It's too early to really know yet. He is scheduled for surgery to remove the external rods on May 5th."


So Henry is out of immediate danger and the prospects are hopeful for recovery, although the extent of the functional return is as yet, unknown. Healing of the wounds is progressing. He will need extensive rehabilitation and medical attention over the next several months at least. It is uncertain where he will have to go for rehab, but where he lives is at least an hour and a half from any large city.

Henry has no medical insurance.

As Michael Ellner puts it: "Folks: people who feel better, heal faster and more effectively. From a Wholistic perspective, we want to be sure that Henry doesn't have to worry about being able to afford the necessary gas for driving to and from his extended rehab and continued medical care. If we work together we can help offset the enormous financial stress Henry is facing sans insurance --"

So here is where we come together to assist a person who has given so much to so many for so long. The Transformation-All-Stars Team is spearheading a - HELPING HANDS FOR HENRY - program and we need your participation to be successful. We are joined in this effort by the sister organizations: the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, and the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. We are also joined by the Hypnosis Education Association, the International Hypnosis Federation, and the National Guild of Hypnotists as well as Infinity Institute International, Inc.

We can use immediate donations of any amount: if you can afford five dollars or five hundred, please send it today. The All-Stars Team will also sponsor a Past-Life teleconference which will be available for free with the suggestion of any donation. (probably in late June, join the All-Stars Yahoo! group to be notified in advance: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Transformationallstars/ )

We are also collecting donations in the form of products and books from the many of the top practitioners in hypnosis and related fields, which can be sold/raffled at the hypnosis conferences this summer and are interested in your ideas of additional ways to help. If your organization or community group would like to join us in this endeavor or if you would like to share a memory or insight of Henry's influence in your life, please contact: dancleary@juno.com and put 'HENRY' in the subject line. Even a simple greeting card (no 'Get Well' cards please send something funny. Henry is healing and laughter is the best medicine!) will help to bring a bit of sunshine.

EVERY CENT will go directly to Henry. Start the flow today, send whatever you can, either to: HELPING HANDS FOR HENRY c/o Dan Cleary, P.O. Box 14784, North Palm Beach, FL 33408, or directly to Henry Bolduc at: P.O. Box 88, Independence, VA 24348. (Checks should be to Joan Bolduc)

Please respect Henry's privacy and understand that individual responses may not be possible. Phone calls can be avoided altogether so Henry can focus his energy for healing. With this in mind, please take a moment now to send Henry prayers or energy for healing.

Here is the link for Henry's page: http://danclearyhypnosis.com/allstarsteam/henrybolduc.html

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