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Test Your NLP Knowledge

by Wil Horton, Psy. D. CAC CMI

Take the following 20 question, multiple choice test on Neuro Linguistic Psychology and test you base rate. Answers are provided at the end.

1. The ------------------ is a great tool for addictions problems as it settles internal conflict

A. Meta Model

B. Visual Squash

C. Swish Pattern

D. Rapport

2. The true basis of deep Rapport is

A. Trust

B. Physical Matching

C. Breathing

D. All the above

3. What is the one question that you do not use in classical NLP?

A. When did the problem start?

B. What do you want?

C. Where and with whom do you want this goal?

D. Why?

4. Who coined the Phrase "Neuro-Liguistics'?

A. Virgina Satir

B. Milton Erickson

C. Alfred Korzybski

D. Richard Bandler

5. The work on social influence that we use in advanced NLP training was done by:

A. Richard Bandler

B. John Grinder

C. Dr. Cialdini

D. Steve Andreas

6. Eye movement upward represents

A. Auditory processing

B. Visual Processing

C. Self Talk

D. Spaced out thinking

7. The most important thing you must do to elicit an emotional state in someone is

A. Think of the state carefully

B. Maintain Rapport

C. Enter into that state yourself

D. Take your time

8. The ----------------- is the most effective way to gather specific information.

A. Meta Model

B. Milton Model

C. Meta Programs

D. Rapport

9. Placing a person in a future situation is

A. New behavior Generator

B. Anchoring

C. Future Pacing

D. Swish

10. NLP first and foremost is

A. Techniques

B. A Frame of Mind

C. Information Gathering

D. Communication skills

11. Eye movement downward to the left usually means

A. Self Talk

B. Visual

C. Auditory

D. Kinesthetic

12. --------------- is the true developer of modern clinical Hypnotherapy

A. Milton Erickson

B. Dave Elman

C. Jerry Kien

D. Ormond McGill

13. The most powerful, but under utilized NLP Technique for teaching is

A. Anchoring

B. Punctuation Ambiguity

C. Meta Model

D. Meta Programs

14. The --------- is the best technique for phobias

A. Rewrite history

B. Fast Phobia Relief Technique

C. New Behavior Generator

D. Swish

15. NLP is in its basic sense is a science of

A. The structure of how you process information

B. Communication

C. Techniques

D. Rapport

16. ----------- is a great technique for athletes as it gives them new skills

A. Swish

B. New Behavior Generator

C. Anchoring

D. All the above

17. The most powerful way to gain group Rapport is

A. Humor, anchoring, Pace and lead, stories

B. Meta model, Milton model, hypnotic language

C. Swish, focus, and concentration

D. Breathing, mental mind reading

18. The most over stressed, but mistakenly used techniques by new NLPers is

A. Rapport

B. Language Patterns

C. Anchoring

D. Meta Model model

19. The most basic way to maintain deep Rapport is

A. Breathing

B. Language

C. Body posture

D. Hypnosis

20. The most useful of all the NLP Presuppositions is

A. Experience has a structure

B. The is no failure, only feedback

C. People make the best choice available to them

D. People have most of the resources they need

Answers: (According to NFNLP, the leader in the field) 1. B 2. D 3. D 4. C 5. C 6. B 7. C 8. A 9. C 10. B 11. A 12. B 13. A 14. B 15. A 16. D 17. A 18. B 19. A 21. A or B

How did you do? If your into, and have received up to date NLP training you should have easily scored 18 or more. Let us know how you did. www.nfnlp.com Remember this is based on our NFNLP trainings and may not line up with the older, out of date trainings and information.

For more information visit: http://www.nfnlp.com.

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