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Becoming Slender for Life: Self-Hypnosis Make the Difference

A book review by Tim Brunson DCH

Ironically, I met Roger Moore for the first time at a Southern California Mexican fast-food restaurant. I remember that I was having a not-so-healthy burrito, I don't remember what he had, but I'm sure that it was healthier. He was presenting the Slender for LifeTM at a nearby hotel. Since then I've come to know him as true transformational master who actually was the beneficiary of his teachings and beliefs.

Dr. Moore lost over 100 pounds and went from a 44" to a 32" waist by following the principles presented in this excellent, well-written book, which serves both as a text and a workbook. This self-help manual quickly connects with the reader in a way that you know that he understands the frustration and pain of being overweight, losing weight, and keeping it off.

Although self-hypnosis is mentioned in the subtitle, this is not merely yet another self-hypnosis book. He extensively weaves the multi-faceted issues of diet, exercise, and subconscious management into one of the most comprehensive weight loss manuals on the market. If you are like me you've probably become overwhelmed and intolerant of the often conflicting advice coming out of the medical community regarding the proper weight-loss diet. Dr. Moore's obviously has his preferences for low protein, high (good) carbohydrate diets. However, I feel that his exercise and mind-management advice would fit various dietary programs.

Other than my appreciation of his logically laid out program, I particularly appreciate how he integrates the use of self-hypnosis to put the reader into the right mental state for weight loss. He also recommends hypnosis as a way to eliminate long-standing barriers to proper dietary habits and exercise. This book more than adequately handles the mind aspect of weight loss in a very effective and elegant manner. (Unfortunately, this is where too many Registered Dieticians and Medical Doctors come up short. I am a big fan of the convergence of the medical and psychology professions when it comes to true healing.)

Becoming Slender for Life is an excellent, self-help weight loss book, which I highly recommend without reservation. Of course, I also agree with the author that there will be those who need professional (and often medical professional) guidance, which is beyond the scope of this book. Regardless, this is a quality book that can produce results.

For more information visit: www.slenderforlife.com

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Roger Moore, PhD's Gravatar Tim,
I was having a vegan burrito! Thanks for the great review.
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