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New Leadership Honors Lifetime IACT Members

Special Conference Recognition to Be Awarded

by Daniel F. Cleary

As most readers are already aware, the leadership of IACT has transferred to Robert and Linda Otto. As the new directors, Robert and Linda feel that, the members and their vision for the future, is paramount. "We are looking to completely involve our members in creating the future of the organization and have decided to honor our Lifetime Members in a special way at the awards banquet this year" says Linda Otto, the new Executive Director.

The Lifetime members will be introduced at the banquet and receive a certificate of recognition and appreciation for their support of IACT. There will also be a pre-conference party for the Lifetime Members and their guests. A full page in the post-conference edition of Unlimited Human! will be dedicated to the Lifetime members with conference photos and comments.

Robert Otto, the new CEO of IACT, who is one of the pioneers in bringing hypnosis to greater public attention said, "All of our members are important to us and we look forward to their participation in energizing this amazing group. In our first year as the new directors, we realize that getting to know all of our members is how we can best plan for the future. This is a huge job and we look forward to meeting many of the members at the conference in May. We have already opened a Yahoo group to connect the members and begin to get more feedback and suggestions for upcoming classes, programs and activities. At the conference, we have decided to have a special ceremony honoring the Lifetime members and bringing everyone together for an exciting event. In addition to the awards we will have music, dancing, and a great meal. Of course the conference itself, is our first opportunity in our new roles, to meet the members, so we are going all-out to make it a memorable event."

When you are making your plans to attend the IACT conference in Miami this May, be sure to plan on meeting other interesting people and having a wonderful weekend. Now is the time to participate, for all the dynamic services that we have enjoyed in the past, we can be assured that input is even more important now, as this transition takes place. Linda and Robert want to know what the members are looking for in the future and invite us to be present for their first conference as the new directors.

Whatever your membership status, if you are looking to connect with a group in which your input actually matters, now is the time to join us for conference 2007. Mark your calendar and make your reservations to participate in the new IACT!

To register for the conference, join IACT or connect with the IACT email group, go to: www.iact.org

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