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The Human Energy Field and the Invisible Universe

by Dr. Harry Oldfield

(This is an abstract from an article which appeared in Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine Volume Seventeen, Number Two)

This presentation is a visual journey spanning three decades of research into the invisible energy fields which are the matrix or blueprint of human beings and other living organisms. The journey begins back in the 1970's with Kirlian Photography experiments and amazing images, on to the development of Electro-Crystal Generator and the Electro-Scanning Method (ESM) to quantitatively scan the Energy Field in three dimensions. Then in the 1980's comes Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) which shows the invisible field, including chakras, acupuncture points and meridians, in high resolution color patterns in and around the body, giving three-dimensional information on the state of balance and health of the subject. More recently, the Oldfield Microscope, a significant improvement on the optical microscope, is able to show the invisible energy patterns in the microscopic world in the living state. Sometimes the investigation into subtle realms reveals the presence of invisible energy forms and entities which share our planes of existence and interact with us in different ways. These cutting edge technologies are true 21st century tools in the study of subtle energies and energy medicine.

For more information visit www.ElectroCrystal.com and www.OldFieldMicro.com

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