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Three failures of direct suggestion in psychogenic dermatitis followed by successful intervention

Three adult cases of psychogenic dermatitis of atypical presentation were treated with direct suggestion under hypnosis (DSUH), which included suggestions for developing cooling, soothing and healing numbness in the affected areas. After a trial of 5 sessions over a period of 2 months, the results in all 3 cases were determined to be unappreciable and unsuccessful. The patients were subsequently treated with hypnoanalysis including ideomotor questioning, regression to onset, and reframing followed by direct suggestions under hypnosis (DSUH) for healing of all affected areas except a negotiated index finger on the nondominant hand. This technique proved an effective treatment that extinguished the flair-ups in 6 visits or less over a period of 2 months. These cases were followed at intervals of up to 1 year and no evidence of relapse found.

Cited from American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, Jan 2005

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