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Hypnosis Affects on Immunity

Our body's health is dependent largely upon a delicate balance of our immune system. While in some instances, such as AIDS, an immune system may be deficient, in others, such as rheumatism and various liver disorders, the system may be over active. There is considerable evidence that emotional traits, both negative and positive, my influence this balance and thus affect one's susceptibility to infection or a hyperactive immune system. Stress levels and negative moods often precede the onset of both minor and major illnesses. Fortunately, the opposite is also true.

What then could be the role of hypnosis in affecting this delicate balance in our immune system? Guided imagery may be the gateway to reestablishing a healthy system gone out of control. Research by O. Carl Simonton at the Simonton Cancer Center has consistently illustrated the beneficial effects of guided imagery. It is our stance that a well-composed guided imagery could very well assist a patient is regaining the necessary immune system balance. (Another resource is Belleruth Naparstek's Web site Healthjourneys.com.)

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