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Get out walking in your natural environment

by Joyce-Anne Locking

If you had to name the most valuable thing in your life at this moment, you may come up with all sorts of different answers.

If you had to name the most valuable thing in your life at this moment, what would it be? You may come up with all sorts of different answers. You may name loved ones, friendships or material things such as cars, houses or bank accounts. Perhaps you might think of objects of art, private yachts or glitzy getaways. Some may name pets, pianos or possessions. The truth is, our most valuable possession is our next breath, because without it, nothing else would matter to us at all. There is great power in the momentum of one breath. You can use a breath to begin to fill a balloon, begin to tell a story, or actually, to begin anything at all. It all depends on how you put it to use. The use of your own breath can also hold fantastic healing powers and can be used to eliminate pain in your own body.

By focusing on your breathing you can get yourself into a state of calm. Then by concentrating on aiming the breath into the centre of any pain, you may be experiencing in your body, or your life in general, you can begin to fill the pain pocket with the light of your own breath and, in so doing, push the pain outside of your personal space, thereby eliminating it from the inside out. Breathing can be used to lower blood pressure, create calm, eliminate headaches, remove stress and heal the body. Simply by focusing on your own breathing you can create new things in your own life. Just think: we are nothing without our next breath and we can begin to change anything about our situation with the power of our next breath. Breathing is the most important potential in our lives. Learn to use your inbred, natural power to become the person you were created to be. Then you will possess the greatest wealth available to mankind. To get in tune with your personal potential, begin a daily walking routine wherever you live, work, or spend time regularly. Start with short walks and focus on breathing as you walk. Notice how you regulate your breath by the pace of your step. Get out walking in your natural environment to get in touch with how you feel and what you need to change in your daily routine. Nature will automatically reply to your request by refreshing your mood and replacing any negativity with a generous helping of recreating power. Gradually lengthen walking time to reach deeper personal fulfillment.

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