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Do the Healing Work You Love & the Money will Follow...But When?

by Coach Cary Bayer

About a year ago, a friend of mine, who's a hypnotherapist who never tried to build a business after receiving her training and license to practice, was fed up with the job she was doing to pick up a paycheck. About half a year earlier, she had read the book, Do What You Love, the Money will Follow, by Marsha Sinetar, and decided it was high time she finally quit and pursue her passion--to build a healing business once and for all. But after six months of not getting enough clients to get her practice off the ground, the money wasn't following. She did a lot of waiting and complaining, but little else. She did little to proactively make the money follow, something I've observed often in many of the three hundred-plus alternative healer clients I've coached the past 10 years. She was living off her savings, which were running low. Panicked, she asked me what to do.

I told her what I tell all my clients--whether they're alternative therapists or salesmen--if you do what you love the money will follow. But--and this is the pivotal point--the time it takes for each person's money to follow is radically different. This is particularly true if your relationship to money and marketing is passive, at best, or adversarial, at worst.

Some moons ago--more than 300, if you're counting--I quit the last job I ever had to pursue what I loved. At that time, it was writing comedy. Within the lame duck 2-week period of having given notice and actually leaving, I got an offer from a movie producer to write a screenplay for his feature-length comedy. This is doing what you love and having the money follow quickly. The film got produced, I got paid well, and the Universe and I were in synch.

Not everybody has such rapid manifestation time; I certainly don't all the time, and quite rare is the person who does. Christ said that if you had faith and asked the mountain to move, it would move, but few of us have that degree of faith; and transportation departments, when building highways through the mountains, tend to rely much more on bulldozers than on bulldozing their doubts that faith alone can get the job done.

If you're going to do what you love so that the money follows, go after it with passion, enthusiasm and good old-fashioned American marketing know-how. Remember: "God helps those who help themselves." A variation on this is: "God helps those alternative healers who market themselves." Don't passively wait for it to come to you. As another proverb goes, "If the mountain doesn't come to Mohammed, Mohammed goes to the mountain." I also suggest combining marketing with some inner work on your mind and heart.

1. Keep your heart pure. Money miracles happen most frequently to those whose hearts are pure. If there are people you're angry with, now is the time to forgive them. (It also helps to forgive yourself for your own procrastination in building your altnernative business.) To help towards that end, here is a three-part letter-writing process that enables you to reach true completion with that person. Here are the stages.

A) Write a letter that vents anger at the person you need to forgive. Since you're not sending it, don't hold back and don't censor your language.

B) Write a letter that recognizes what you've learned and how you've grown, even if indirectly, through their mistreatment, and recount it. (You won't send this letter either.)

C) Integrate these two letters into one that dispassionately recounts the hurt that was done to you, as well as the lessons you learned, and how grateful you are for those lessons. (This letter actually can be sent. I say can in a qualified way, because working with hundreds of people in this way has shown me that it usually takes several drafts of that final letter before it's ready for postage. (If there's any anger in it, you need to go back and write the first letter again; this is a letter of completion and forgiveness, remember.) It also helps to show this letter to someone with objectivity, like a coach, therapist or close friend.

2) Do an inner overhaul on your mind. Your consciousness needs to be prepared to receive the money that will follow. It's one thing to consciously believe that if you do what you love, the money will follow; it's quite another if you believe that when you do what you love, the bankruptcy will follow.

A study was done some years back in Canada among a group of people who suddenly struck it rich by winning big money in provincial lotteries. An astonishing statistic emerged: within five years, the vast majority had gone broke. These winners had become losers. The Canadian governments dumped fortunes into their laps, but never taught them how to handle them.

One way to prepare your consciousness for allowing the money to follow from doing what you love is through affirmations. Here's one I recommend: "I'm here to work as an alternative healer, and my persistence in marketing makes me succeed."

The best way to use affirmations is through writing, and by including the response that emerges from the Unconscious. Divide your page into three--at the left margin, write the affirmation, in the middle of the page, write the response that arises as you write it. Suppose it's "I can market all I want--but what if nobody cares and nobody comes?" In the next step, in the right column, create a new affirmation that specifically treats this negative response. A good one would be, "When I bring the work I'm here to do to the market, the market responds and clients fill my practice."

This process honors the material from the Unconscious that opposes the affirmation. Such material is there in spades--if it weren't, you wouldn't need the affirmation that brought it up in the first place. Writing the response releases the resistance from your being.

Write this affirmation for 10 minutes a day for at least a week, and then speak it 10 times a day, with feeling, until its truth manifests in your daily life.

If the money isn't following from doing the healing work that you love, it will follow when you follow your own enthusiasm and let marketing bring new clients to you.

For more information visit www.CaryBayer.com.

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